High RC rate lipo battery for Aircraft model and drone

First of all, we need to know what the drone can do for the power industry. In fact, it is convenient, fast and clear data, and the time and human resources savings. Utilizing drones for circuit inspections, it is obvious that the drones can fly in the sky, instead of climbing into the mountains and climbing down like the traditional inspection methods.The continuous development of drone aerial photography technology can use drones to obtain clear and effective data, and analyze circuit conditions based on data. Compared with manual inspection, it is completely from manual flow to technical flow. What follows is the saving of time. People don’t have to waste a lot of time on the way to the line. The time saved can be used for real line maintenance, and the line safety will be improved.

diffrence lipo batterieds for Ditital Products

Cell phone, interphone, bluetooth earphone, wireless mouse.

MP3/MP4/MP5, digital camera, PSP ,POS machine, medical devices, flashlight, search light

GPS, PDA, E-book , portable DVD, laptop, tablet PC, power bank.


Diffrence lithium ion battery pack for Electric Scooter

With the demand for light weight in life, the lightweight of motorcycles has become an inevitable trend. The replacement of lead-acid batteries as the power support for electric motorcycles has also become a development trend. Since 2008, Hrlenergy has provided power system solutions for well-known motorcycle manufacturers at home and abroad.

lithium ion battery pack for cordless Tools

A power tool is a tool that uses a small power motor or an electromagnet as a power to drive a working head through a transmission mechanism. It is widely used in construction, housing decoration, automobile assembly, engineering machinery, electric power, metallurgy, mining, bridges, gardening, etc., and has entered the family in large numbers.

12.8v 20ah Lifepo4 battery for Solar LED street light

With the increasing scarcity of the earth’s resources, the investment cost of basic energy is rising, and various safety and pollution hazards are ubiquitous. As a kind of “inexhaustible and inexhaustible” safety and environmental protection new energy, solar energy is coming. The more attention is paid. At the same time, with the development and progress of solar photovoltaic technology, the application of solar lighting products in environmental protection and energy saving, solar street lamps, garden lights, lawn lamps and other applications have gradually formed scale, solar power development in the field of street lighting has been increasingly perfect .